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Church pictures were last week. Good thing this happened yesterday.


Wednesdays are hard

Tebow is very physical. He climbs. He jumps. He bodyslams. He slides. And he runs.

He’s also 19 months old. He started walking when he was 9.5 months old. So, he’s only been walking for roughly ten months. And in those ten months of walking, most of it has actually been Tebow running.

I’m almost 34 years old and I still don’t have the running thing down.

When we were trying to pile into the car yesterday morning, late for co-op, Tebow decides to play his favorite game, “Run away from Mommy.” He took off running in the driveway (away from the street, in case you are gasping right now), tripped over his feet and did a slow motion face plant on the concrete. Well, it looked like it was in slow motion.

I expected to see blood pouring from his mouth but instead I see three tiny scrapes- one on his nose, one on his eyebrow, and one on his forehead. Of course he is crying. And I cuddle him, make sure nothing broke, and buckle him into his carseat.

We were already running late.

He was crying and crying… way more than normal. I tilted the mirror to check him again and that’s when I see his eye had started to swell. (Sidenote: I told this story to my sister over the phone and she thought I said his eye had fallen out. Um, no.)

I tried to ice it when we got to church, but Tebow would have none of it. So this morning, my son looks like this:

the next morning

You would think he would think twice about running away from Mommy, but he did it again at the church. Only this time, Mommy caught him and instead of crying, we all laughed.

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