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Catch-up (part 1)- Halloween 2010

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I’ve been organizing photos. A lot of photos. Not just the ones on our flickr photostream, but the ones tucked away in folders across the five computers we have in the house. It makes me realize how much hasn’t been blogged here but at least we have some sort of reminder to jog our memories in ten years and we wonder what happened in 2010.

I’m not going to go back and chronologically update things but first I’ll post the picture so many people who don’t check out photostream are waiting for:

Family kooks

Once again, Damon spun his creative magic to produce a Halloween costume for Fuller that reinforced that Halloween isn’t about candy- it’s about the costume. Fuller is representing Aang, the Last Airbender (Book 1, if we have to be precise). Damon sewed his own jumpsuit to represent the Chilean miners (I even did an iron-on Jesus Film shirt for him). Tebow is in a Tiger costume we originally bought our dog, Maple. Maple hasn’t worn it in years, so she didn’t mind when Tebow put it on. And I have a thing for glitter and wings, so I found these ladybug wings at Big Lots and put them on, declaring it a costume.

Halloween in our new neighborhood was full of fun. They have a block party, providing hot dogs, popcorn, cotton candy, a jumpy thing, and snow cones. We added to the fun by setting up a photobooth. Damon did the backdrop and scenery, I took the pictures and printed them out right there on the street. People loved taking home their pictures as a treat (it has less calories than candy).

Did you have a fun Halloween?

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  1. I love the totally random combo of costumes!

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