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Catch up (part 2)- Football continues


Continuing with the catch up theme, I need to briefly mention Fuller and football.

Picture day

Fuller’s football career continues. A few weeks ago I was writing a “wrap-up the season” post in my head, only to find out that after the last game is play offs (with double elemination!). So, the season is still going on. (There is a lesson in honoring commitments, disappointment, and having a good attitude in here somewhere. I’m still learning it.)

Except for the one loss during regular season play, the team keeps winning. If they win this Saturday they go to the Super Bowl next Saturday. If they lose, then they play Sunday. If they win that game they go to the Super Bowl. If they lose, then we get medals and can reclaim three nights a week.

Overall the season has been a good one, with good practices and bad practices all providing learning experiences and bonding between father and son. Fuller has had two high points. One game was played at Finley Stadium (a big deal in itself) and Fuller had the honor of earning the game ball after the win.

Later that week, he earned an excellent compliment from the coach that spoke not just to Fuller’s football ability but to the kind of kid he is. (It was a chest swelling, tear welling moment.) Fuller will probably remember the game ball more than the compliment, but over all, both are pretty high on my list of awesome things that happened this season.

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