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Catch-up (part 3) – The Jerseys


Even though I upload pictures to flickr, I rarely go back and update descriptions and titles. I guess I figure that’s what the blog should be for?

6th Birthday Party

This picture is floating in the photostream, and I thought I would explain that one of these jerseys was Fuller’s birthday present. Damon read an article on Sports Illustrated (or ESPN or some sports site) about the shortage of Tebow jerseys for the Broncos. They kept selling out faster than they could be kept on shelves. Well, it so happens that a player who left the Broncos before Tebow was drafted also had the number 15. And apparently that guy was kind of a jerk. So, there were plenty of his jerseys on the shelves.

A company in Colorado was accepting the jerk guy’s jerseys and recycling them by sewing Tebow’s name on the back. Those jerseys were cheaper too. So, Damon went ahead and purchased a jersey of the other player, sent it to the company, and got Fuller a recycled jersey. And he LOVES it.

And now to explain why there is a smaller jersey with Fuller’s name on the back.

One of Damon’s coworker’s thought it would be a good idea to see if there was an NFL player with the last name Fuller and then we would purchase Tebow his own jersey, with Fuller’s name on the back. Damon found one player- Vincent Fuller- who plays for the Tennessee Titans. This is cool because we are close to Tennessee.

And this is where the story gets better.

The Sunday before Fuller’s birthday the Broncos and the Titans played each other. So throwing together a tailgate theme party was immediately decided and fun was had by all.

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