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It grows back


So if you were looking through our pictures and you came across these pictures, what would you say? (Feel free to leave a comment and tell me what you really thought.)

2010 Halloweekend

2010 Halloweekend

Well, what these pictures represent is commitment to the role.

Fuller and Damon discussed costume options for Halloween and when it was decided that Fuller would be Aang, Damon told Fuller he would have to shave his head. And Fuller accepted it.

If you know Fuller, you might know he has dealt with head sensory issues for a while. He hated baths, hair washing, and hair cutting to such an extreme he once burst a little blood vessel on his face. Things have gotten better with time. And I won’t lie, Fuller didn’t exactly enjoy getting his head shaved with a razor, but he got through it and called it “cool.”

When he was sitting there, we told him that sometimes in college, boys like to shave their heads for fun. And when he goes to college and they try to get him to shave his head, he can just tell them, “No thanks, I did that when I was six.”

Unless he wants to do it again. Because we all know, it does grow back.


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