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Happy Thanksgiving

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So, this is another catch up post. And really, Thanksgiving was that long ago, but I was too tired after all the work for the feast that I just watched Charlie Brown’s Thanksgiving with the kids and tried not to fall asleep on the couch.

After the holidays last year we decided that we had to create a rotation of holiday travel that kept things somewhat fair to both sides of the family and also to include time for our family to create holiday traditions in our own home.

This year our Thanksgiving was designated the year we stayed home.

2010 Thanksgiving Helpers!

While I think of Thanksgiving as a holiday that is meant to be shared to gobs of people (who you hopefully know), we opted to stick to just the four of us for our first Thanksgiving in the new house.

Since we were home, Damon did the traditional frying of the turkey. (A bit of trivia: I have never roasted a turkey. I have cooked one on a rotisserie, but never in the oven.) I did most of the other dishes- corn pudding, mashed potatoes, dressing, deviled eggs, peas, Sister Schubert’s yeast rolls, and an apple pie trifle.

2010 Thanksgiving Totally yummy.

Tebow actually slept through the meal, so our conversation was focused on reminding Fuller what the holiday was, what it meant, and why we were eating what we were eating.

We had a lot to be thankful for, starting with our new house and all the blessings we have already harvested from living here.

Hope your family had a Happy Thanksgiving as well. I’m thankful you have stuck around to visit this blog and read what we have to say.

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  1. Today, a week later I have just completed making the ‘required’ turkey bone soup. This year with lots of fresh frozen veggies added and a whole pound of heavy ‘Polish’ noodle. Makes a good meal. Freeze it for the next round of family. Lois and Tim left this AM and I am enjoying the silence and ‘loneliness’ for a short time.

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