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Everyone loves a parade


The end of Fuller’s football season came after they lost twice in one weekend during the playoffs. It was a tad emotional, but it came with a needed break from the busy schedule of practices and games.

Though the athletic part of the program is over, we anticipate a good time to be had at the team banquet in a week. And there is always the delicious anticipation of the next season, knowing with a little off-season practice we can get better.

always ready for fun

A team event that was unknown to us (until this past Monday) was the team riding on a float in the local parade. I was so excited for Fuller. Having been in two parades in my life, I knew the thrill of riding down the street, waving at people and chucking sweets at them.

The parade was tonight. We bundled everyone up, made sure we all had gloves, got Damon and Fuller to the staging area, then Tebow and I camped out near the end of the parade route. Tebow wasn’t as happy as the rest of us (and I didn’t get great pictures), but overall, I think as a football family, we can look forward to this holiday tradition in years to come.

maybe everyone doesn't love a paradeWell, at least some of us can be happy.

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