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All they did was win, win, win

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Fuller’s football season isn’t the only football we have enjoyed this fall. As an Auburn fan family we were thrilled to watch the Tigers play this season. We didn’t get to go to Auburn as much as we hoped, but as I have mentioned before, it was a little lesson in honoring commitment (and a little bit of cursing at CBS for broadcasting their games in the afternoon instead of night).

Well, tonight our family gathered around the media center and cheered the Tigers on to victory during the SEC championship game.

Earlier this week I was able to get a little video of Fuller singing the “Tunnel Video” song. The Tunnel Video is the video shown on the jumbotron at home games, right before the players take the field. It has hand motions (as indicated by the words “everybody’s hands go up” and “up, down, up, down, up”), which we have taught Tebow but have never successfully recorded on video. (He even sings some of the words, specifically “win” which is so darn cute and you just have to be here to see it, I guess.)

Well, we still have Fuller singing the song. Which I think is equally adorable because if you have seen the tunnel video, you know that there is a sound bite from Coach Chizik regarding the fans (that’s US!). Fuller doesn’t just sing the song, he says the sound bite too!

Here’s the original video:

It was a fun game and I’m so happy the Tigers were able to win, win, win their way to the Championship and now we just need to get through bowl season and see them win the national title! War Eagle!

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One Comment

  1. Fuller you are too too cute! I wanna see Tebow raise his hands. His expression was priceless when his big brother tried to get him to go on command. :)

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