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Our Christmas Tree :: Almost Toddler Friendly


The Christmas spirit entered our home a few days before Thanksgiving. We (as in Damon and I) had decided that for our first Christmas in our new home we would purchase a potted Christmas tree that we would be able to plant after the season. We did it at our previous house and I honestly felt a little sad leaving that reminder of our first Christmas.

Because of our schedules we decided to tree hunt before Thanksgiving, which lead us to Lowe’s and Home Depot. While both had potted trees suited to the task of showing off our Christmas cheer, Home Depot had some tiny Italian Stone Pines at decent prices. We quickly used my phone to check wikipedia and see what the trees would look like full grown and decided to buy three.

We held off decorating until after Thanksgiving. I had the goal of creating a tree that was Tebow friendly and decorating it with items that we didn’t care if Tebow got a hold of and destroyed. (This is where I remind you what a destructive bugger Tebow is. And if you don’t believe me, invite us over. Tebow will prove you wrong.)

Here is the final look:

2010 Christmas tree

To break it down for you we made a chain from wrapping ribbon and stickers. The wrapping ribbon is important because it means you (or your six year old helper) only have to cut the chain lengths, and not the widths too. The stickers are good as well because it adds a bit of whimsy while being functional and putting the links together.


The second decoration we made took the place of traditional ornaments. I took a paper punch and used it on a bunch of paint cards from the local big box store. This was awesome because it was free! We experimented with glitter glue, but it peeled off the paint cards when dry. So I went with the route that allowed my almost-2 year old to help- stickers. Tebow just put one or two stickers on each paper cut out and BAM! we had a toddler friendly ornament. We just stuck them in the branches and sometimes Tebow rearranges them, but I don’t freak out about it.


We also have some clothespin reindeer that Fuller made, but it turns out they are not really toddler friendly. Tebow likes to peel the googly eyes off them, and that is a choking hazard.

Next year we will have a more traditional tree (probably fake, if you care), but I might repeat this for the lower branches. And I spent less than $5 for the whole deal, so again, if Tebow destroys them, it isn’t too difficult to replace.

How do you make your Christmas tree toddler friendly?

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