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Finding fun


I know it is December. I know the winter season is technically a few days away. I know it is supposed to be getting colder.

But seriously, this cold snap really blindsided me. The temperature combined with the wind has made it a bit on the miserable side.

Yesterday I made the decision to take us out into the cold to see Damon do some work. We spent about an hour and half out in the wind and decided we needed to go. Since we were taking Damon home after work, I took the boys to a near by toy store. I needed some ideas for Christmas gifts and I figured the boys would enjoy playing a bit.

indoor sand box

While some toy stores (or book stores) have a train table set up, this store had a train table, a sand box, a dollhouse, a cash register, and several scooters and riding toys for kids to try out. Fuller tried out several scooters and Tebow took to the tiny ride-ons in the preschool section.


It was an unexpected treat for the kids, it wasn’t windy or cold, and we were out of the house. Oh, and I didn’t have to buy a Happy Meal.

Where do you find fun when you are out of the house?

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