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Holiday cards from (or why I need more stamps)

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Today I’m going to be digging up addresses and finally finding the stamps because we have our Christmas cards in the house!

I’m not a consistent holiday card sender. In fact, I have been known to send a few Happy New Years and even Valentines Day cards. It didn’t matter that the card said “Merry Christmas” it just meant I was kind of lazy getting everything together.

The only time I have been on time with a holiday card was our first Christmas when I was young, in love, and had a very boring Saturday morning sitting at work.

This year I was approached by to check out their site, use a credit they gave me and purchase some holiday cards for our family. Since we are enjoying our new home, making it all merry and bright, I thought it would be fine to take the gift and make a holiday card.

As a hobby photographer, I was mostly interested in their photo cards. The selection was great. Almost too great, in a good way. I had a really difficult time narrowing down what design I wanted to use. I was able to create a few cards and save them to make a final decision later.

The customization on the cards is amazing. On some designs you are able to add an entire Christmas letter and several more pictures on the inside of the card. I even started a Christmas letter (I was so excited!), but then I remembered I planned on simplifying this year and went for a very cute 4.75 x4.75 square flat card with one picture.

After I shed a few tears for the lack of family pictures, I settled on a picture of the boys because, as Damon said, they are the main attraction.

Ordering was easy. I was able to have put our address on the envelope (which looks really classy, in my opinion). If I wanted to spend a little more (or had been more organized) I could have given them my mailing list and they would have sent them for me! But because I still hadn’t gathered the addressed, I had them shipped to my house. The cards arrived quickly on my doorstep. And aren’t they cute?
Coupon code at the end of the post!

Here is where I kick myself. I didn’t pay attention to the website and note that ordering the square size would mean more postage per envelope. But their website is smart and does remind you of that fact in the product description.

But I have gotten over it, found the addresses, and tomorrow they will be in the mail!

BONUS: If you want to order from, you can use the coupon code CSHOLIDAY20 for 20% off your first order. I would jump on this soon. The holiday season is rushing past us! (Coupon code expires December 31st.)

FTC required disclosure: This post is 100% my opinion and experience. I received credit to use on the site in order to receive customized product for the review.

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