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It actually happened :: Snow!


Saturday morning the kids and I were in the car, listening to the radio. The weather report came on and Paul said the “S” word- snow.

Fuller immediately perked up and asked about the snow mentioned in said forecast. I repeated the report, but gave the idea of snow that evening a rather dubious tone. This was to protect my child from the fallibility of all weathermen. Weathermen like to throw around fancy words like barometer, cold fronts, and Snow at this time of year, just to raise the hopes of little six year old boys who desperately think they should build snowmen.

Well, Sunday morning Fuller ran to the window only to be disappointed. The evening rain did not turn into snow as Paul had predicted.

We went to church and as we were leaving to go home and enjoy lunch, Fuller was delighted to see the white stuff swirling in the air. And I was surprised to see the white stuff keep swirling pretty much all day. We left at 4ish to go to a birthday party and it was still snowing.

By the time we got home (after driving really slowly in order to keep our heads and car in tact), there was a bit of accumulation. In fact, in our neighborhood, after a few blocks there were no more tire tracks on the street, just white covering the road. (Here is where I mention that we live in a very hilly neighborhood. If there was a chance of the roads freezing, residents have been known to park their cars at the entrances of the subdivision so they can go to work the next day. Or so I have been told.)

This morning there was quite the winter wonderland. I knew Fuller would want to head outside, so I thought it through and decided going out sooner was probably better because it would melt by the time we were done with our school work. (And no, we don’t have snow days. We still had work to complete. We just did it on a delayed schedule.)

I bundled both boys up in their snowsuits (purchased last year and technically only Fuller’s still fit), found boots for everyone, and we went out.

The temperature on the weather clock said it was 17 degrees outside.

The first thing Fuller did:

snow angels

The kid loves making snow angels.

Tebow enjoyed being outside, but his snowsuit made falling down his main activity.

falling down

The wind was pretty bad (it blew our trashcan down the street, hitting a mailbox and removing a wheel), so after about 15-20 minutes we were done.

going in

I doubt we will have a white Christmas (we will be in Alabama) but this was a sweet, unexpected treat for those of us in the family who enjoy the four seasons.

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