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World Read Aloud Day


Thanks to my friend Drew, I found out about World Read Aloud Day today.

Reading daily is just a part of our lives… I read Fuller his lessons, he reads a book to me almost every day, and Damon’s new kindle has sparked a father/son reading marathon of the Wizard of Oz books (I think they are on book five).

I sometimes joke that having a child who can read is a big adjustment for our family. Suddenly Fuller is gathering information from word he sees, not just words he hears. At Christmas he was reading over my shoulder as I had an IM conversation with Damon. The topic was Christmas presents, so I actually switched computers to finish the conversation with D. Fuller sees URLs as part of advertisements or on packaging and asks to visit the sites (um, no).

But joking aside, I love that Fuller can read and I cherish the reading aloud he does, because the joy it gives us both is more than I ever imagined. And watching Damon spend an hour or more reading about Dorothy, Tick Tock, and whatever other characters live in the Kindle also brings me joy.

So, I say bring some more joy into your life. Read out loud to someone today, and celebrate bringing literacy to the world.


  1. It is so great seeing the boys growing up. Eva is on the cusp of being able to read. Did you do anything specific to teach Fuller?
    BenSpark´s last blog post ..Today is Read Aloud Day

  2. I can imagine that independent reading opens up the world! We’re on the verge of that, but we’re not there yet.

    Yay for World Read Aloud Day!
    Rebecca´s last blog post ..Sweet Newborn Face

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