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Bridging the gap


Our little family is making it through the year 2012 so far. Hard to believe it is suddenly February! And since time moves fast and I can’t seem to find time to sit still, I have have also found it a little trickier to take care of myself. For instance, my mouth is currently needing some dental work. This is more than a twice a year cleaning. It’s dealing with the gaps where my adult teeth are missing. I have been told by my dentist I need a bridge, but discussions with others suggest a dental implant. Since I’m rather busy these days, finding the time to do the research or even get in the car to a dentist for a second opinion is difficult. So, I default to the internet and online research.

There are many fields and genres of physical health that a lot of people do regular research on, and know a lot about. For example, fitness is trendy, so a lot of people are aware of what to eat and what not to eat, and how to effectively exercise. However, when it comes to dental health, many people don’t know how to go about fixing the issues until the issues actually come up. So, for example, most people don’t know exactly what to do if they lose their adult teeth (or in my case, my baby teeth that have no adult teeth to replace them) and need to “bridge the gap” so to speak. Fortunately, a lot of this sort of information can be found at helpful websites like In the meantime, however, here are a few dental items and procedures for me to consider:

– To begin with, a literal bridge is not a bad idea. Essentially, a bridge is an implanted item that is placed over a false tooth (in place of the one I had pulled) and supported by the healthy teeth on either side of the false one. This is a sturdy application, and quite effectively solves the issue of gaps in your smile. It can definitely be an efficient and decent solution… however, some people stray from this sort of procedure simply because it does less to address the missing tooth itself.
– If I prefer to go about making sure that the false tooth itself is as good as it can be, I could also want to look into dental implants, which are literally replacement tooth roots that provide the best possible foundations for false teeth. A dental implant is placed surgically into my jaw, providing a solid base for a false tooth above it, and also filling the space in my jaw, and thus preventing my remaining teeth from moving slightly over time. This is probably the most thorough solution to a missing tooth, and does not prevent me from also getting false teeth and even bridges if I would still like to do so.

I’m still sussing out the options and getting a second opinion. But even if I still need more research, I know that 2012 will be the year I start filling in those gaps.

Disclaimer: This post was brought to you by, though the circumstance is my own experience.

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