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Attitude Adjustment


It is 7:30 and my boys (all three of them) are still sleeping. I don’t expect it to last much longer, but I’m hoping the extra time spent in snooze land will help our day run more on the smooth side than it has been lately.

But as I sit here waiting for Fuller and Tebow to make their appearances, I realize the sleep, while good, isn’t the only thing that will help our day. Mainly it is the need of an attitude adjustment. An attitude adjustment done by me.

As a homeschool mom, I love to talk the talk of how flexible our lives are. When the school bus goes by in the morning, I puff my chest out in pride because my children might still sleeping and getting the rest they need, not what the alarm clock doles out.

However I realize that recently our days have been rough because though I think we are flexible my actions don’t seem to show it. I try to get us started in the morning at a certain time and when a rough patch appears (sometimes in the form of Tebow wanting more food or attention, other times in the form of Legos stealing attention), I don’t really roll with it, but pitch a mommy hissy fit.

So, it is 7:42, my family is still asleep and I’m looking at our day, knowing that right now, I need to just enjoy the coffee and when we get our schooling done will be dictated by just how flexible I am.

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