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A mom’s thoughts on Scouts and their recent changes


The Scout Oath:

On my honor I will do my best
To do my duty to God and my country
and to obey the Scout Law;
To help other people at all times;
To keep myself physically strong,
mentally awake, and morally straight.

A week ago a decision was made by the Boy Scouts of America to change their membership rules and allow all boys to join the Scouts, regardless of their proclaimed sexual orientation.

This ruffled many feathers, including our own Scoutmaster’s, who immediately resigned his position. According to news reports from various sites, he isn’t the only one and several churches have backed off as sponsors of Boy Scouts as well.

And this all bothers me greatly.

I’m probably going to offend several people on both sides of the issue, but this topic has been eating at me for a while now and typing it out is helping me form an opinion on the subject that I feel I can discuss. Or debate. Or just write about so I can stop obsessing about it.

The people who are quitting, including our Scoutmaster, have been saying allowing homosexual children to be members of the scouting program is an abomination and supporting a sinful lifestyle. And since the Scout Oath states a Scout does duty to God, then the now ex-Scouts turn to the Bible to learn what their duty is. And their interpretation of the Bible verses condemning homosexuality means we cannot support homosexuals in any way. Those who are quitting are telling me that homosexuals shouldn’t be a part of anything. I am not quoting here, I’m just paraphrasing based on various Facebook statuses and news reports I have read.

Since I’ve already said this bothers me, you probably have figured out that I disagree with our ex-Scoutmaster.

Except, I kind of agree with him. The point I agree on is this: homosexuality is a sin. It is a sin because it is sexual immorality. It is a sin in the same way heterosexuals who have sex before marriage are sinning. Sex is an act reserved for a man and woman who are married. It is not shameful, it is something God created. He created it to be enjoyed within the confines of marriage.

However, since I believe all sin is equal, I think we have to treat all the sins the same. And this is where I probably part ways with our ex-Scoutmaster. The issue at hand is sexual immorality. Are we going to ask leaders who are having sex outside of marriage to quit Scouts? Are we going to tell a Boy Scout who impregnated his girlfriend he can’t be Scout anymore? (According to another Scoutmaster I asked this question to, the answer is no.)

I can’t turn away children based on a sin I can’t judge. I just won’t do that to any person really. Sin is sin is sin, no matter how it is manifested. I believe I’m a sinner, my children are sinners, we are all sinners and in need of God’s love, His mercy, His grace. Unless the sin is causing physical harm, or mental/ emotional abuse, I will not close the doors or walk away.

However, I believe the sin is not the true issue that is splintering the Boy Scouts of America. Here is something I think most people who are leaving Scouts have been dishonest to themselves about: Scouts is not a Christian organization. It may have been at one point, but in the 103 year tradition, the word “God” found in the Scout Oath has been interpreted to mean “Your duty to God is to follow the teachings of your religious leaders always.” And not all the religious organizations that have had affiliation with BSA are what I would call Christian.

For instance, I studied Baha’i in my Sociology of Religion class and their teachings are not centered on Christ at all. And I know enough about Buddhists to know they too are not teaching about Christ, nor are they all preaching against homosexuality. These are two examples of religions that are affiliated with BSA and have, in my opinion, made the “duty to God” in the Scout Oath ambiguous.

If Scouts were truly wanting to maintain a Christian-like appearance, then they would have maintained affiliation with Christ centered organizations only. And instead of pushing the religious part of scouts off to the side in a separate curriculum, they would stand behind Christian principals by teaching Biblical basis for the Scout Oath and the Scout Law alongside learning to pitch a tent, use a pocket knife, and hike safely.

Changing the membership rules allowed those who have been fooling themselves behind the screen of Christianity to throw up their hands and admit the truth. Boy Scouts do not equal Christian men.

I do not find the change in membership rules to be surprising. Personally, if they had changed the rules and removed “duty to God” from the oath, we would still be participating in Scouts today. We don’t send our son to Scouts for religious instruction. We do that at home and through our own church, who we trust to help us guide our children in our beliefs.

I’m sad our Scoutmaster decided to give up on something he was really good at. And if his interpretation of duty to God is to shut out children who want to learn leadership and outdoor skills, then maybe it is better he walked away. But our family won’t.


  1. As a Christian, my reasons for leaving Boy Scouts may be different than others. I never thought about there being other reasons but after I read your post it has made me think differently and made me a little embarrassed about being a Christian. I think the arguement that we will be supporting a sinful lifestyle misses the point. It’s not as though homosexuals are greater sinners and that we don’t have our own sins. It’s similar to the Pharasees and how they would point out all the horrible sins of others but never think they had any sins themselves. The issue for me is not that I can’t associate with homosexuals because they are sinning or that I think Boys Scouts should uphold Biblical standards because you are right in that it is not a Christian organization. It is a “moral” one which the definition of that changes as the cultural changes…no absolute truths, its whatever feels good and makes us happy.

    My reason for taking my boys out of this organization is because of the families (all Christians) we know personally that have been affected by the cultural’s education on sexual identity and those that have been molested or persuaded to question their sexuality based on interactions with homosexuals. The ages that boys attend Boy Scouts are ages where they are very influential, easily swayed (even if they are from a strong Christian home), and also may not share all that they heard, saw, or experienced with their parents. In the cases of our friends, they were blind-sided and had no idea all that their boys had been exposed to.

    We live in a different world now. We are definitely the minority in our culture and are thought of as ridiculous/old-fashioned and narrow minded. Does it mean we pull out of cultural and form our little Christian circle? No. But it does mean we have to be way more purposeful and diligent in raising our children to know what the differences are between the non-Christian worldview and the Christian worldview (Truth). Then we have to trust the Lord to turn their hearts to desire to follow His way. At my sons young ages I don’t feel that I need to throw my child out to the wolves and naively think that because we talk about God in our home that they will know all the differences between what the Bible requires of us and what the world claims is true.

    If an organization is openly saying we will allow homosexuals then I feel that it is better for my boys at this age to not participate. It would be one thing if sexual identity wouldn’t be mentioned or talked about in meetings and we could just focus on helping the community, learning outdoor skills, and how to work together as a team. But our cultural is over-sexualized and a big part of peoples identities are about their sexuality, in fact they feel that everyone needs to know about it. And to those that say “it’s okay because you are born that way”, then what is stopping them from experimenting with others around them. What is preventing a scout leader to talk about how it’s okay if you like boys because if you are feeling something toward one of them then you must be gay. For a little boy who is fond of their friend (like good buddies kind of way) and then someone tells them maybe they’re gay because you really “like” them, (rather than saying it’s okay to have guy friends and think highly of them) would be completely confused on what is friendship and what is attraction.

    As you can see I am very riled by this as well. I can be friends with homosexuals and I myself could be part of an organization that allows homosexuals. But not for my boys, especially at this age. Train them up in the ways of the Lord and they will not stray from it (a little paraphrasing). We have to give them that good solid foundation first so they can go out into culture later and transform it.

  2. I’m 71 years old and an Eagle Scout from back in the early 50s. Our Scout Master in the mid West was gay. He had a partner who lived in the same house, there was no secret. They were honorable decent people who helped us grow and never approached us in a sexual way.

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