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This policy is valid from November 12, 2010

This blog is a personal blog written and edited by Alli and Damon Crumley. Mainly Alli, but yes, Damon does type in the big white box from time to time. For questions about this blog, please contact crumleyATcrumleyDOTorg.

The purpose of a disclosure page is to let people know if we get paid to write on our site. Or if we get free stuff. Or if we have advertising. Also, the FTC now requires it. We had a disclosure policy here since 2008, but I figured it was time to update it, since we had an unplanned blogging hiatus. And the old policy was boring. Like a lawyer wrote it, and we aren’t lawyers.

Do we get money? The short answer is we are happy to get money for writing on our blog. The long answer is more specific. Sometimes we do via sponsored posts, which are now clearly labeled as sponsored. We have also had ad space available on the sidebars- text links or buttons. Also, links to some sites in posts may be affiliate links (meaning if you buy after you click that link, I could get a few pennies or dollars). Affiliate links will be noted as such.

Do we get free stuff? The short answer is yes! The long answer is we have received products in exchange for writing posts about the products. We have also received money (that’s what you really wanted to know, right?) for the time to took from our busy lives to use the products, visit the websites, and write the posts reviewing the products. Money isn’t always received, but it has happened.

Wait, we get money when we write about a product? Short answer- not always.

So, does this affect how we write about the product? Do you mean are we more apt to give a product a positive review because the company gave us money? No. The reviews we write have our opinions that are one hundred percent ours. 100%. The company may ask us questions to answer in our review (did we like the packaging, were the claims as they state on the site, etc.) but our answers to those questions are our own honest opinions. And just so we are clear- our opinions written on this site are always ours, even if money isn’t exchanged.

I think this covers it.

If this disclosure policy still leaves you with questions, please contact us or email crumleyATcrumleyDOTorg.

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