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March 9, 2011
by mrscrumley

World Read Aloud Day

Thanks to my friend Drew, I found out about World Read Aloud Day today.

Reading daily is just a part of our lives… I read Fuller his lessons, he reads a book to me almost every day, and Damon’s new kindle has sparked a father/son reading marathon of the Wizard of Oz books (I think they are on book five).

I sometimes joke that having a child who can read is a big adjustment for our family. Suddenly Fuller is gathering information from word he sees, not just words he hears. At Christmas he was reading over my shoulder as I had an IM conversation with Damon. The topic was Christmas presents, so I actually switched computers to finish the conversation with D. Fuller sees URLs as part of advertisements or on packaging and asks to visit the sites (um, no).

But joking aside, I love that Fuller can read and I cherish the reading aloud he does, because the joy it gives us both is more than I ever imagined. And watching Damon spend an hour or more reading about Dorothy, Tick Tock, and whatever other characters live in the Kindle also brings me joy.

So, I say bring some more joy into your life. Read out loud to someone today, and celebrate bringing literacy to the world.

January 3, 2011
by mrscrumley

The tide is high

happyFuller at our recent Second Christmas dinner.

Today we started our second semester of school. I had been prepping Fuller the last few days to get him in the mindset that Monday we would be back to school.

I know I haven’t blogged much in general and even less about our homeschool efforts, which has saddened me a bit, but I know I need to get some things out there. If mainly to keep a record of it for our family memories, I shall blog about homeschooling!

Today marks our 91st day, so sayeth the attendance keeper I log Fuller’s hours into each school day. As I look back at the first semester of school, I keep being reminded of Melissa Wiley’s Tidal Homeschooling post. It is a post I read when Fuller was only two years old. We knew we wanted to homeschool Fuller but had no idea how it would play out. Funnily enough, I can see the tide moving in and out in our homeschool life.

We decided to go with the Georgia Cyber Academy because of a BIG selling point: FREE. It uses the K-12 curriculum (2011 resolution: learn to spell curriculum), with certain modifications for the Georgia standards. When we got our books I was a tad overwhelmed (which I shouldn’t have been since a friend of mine has five kids enrolled in GCA and she has many more books to keep track of and I saw those books many days before mine arrived… oh the boxes she had!). In the days leading up to our first day of school I was continually frustrated with lack of information on exactly how things should play out to actually start school in our home. And since K-12 and GCA rely heavily on online activities from school assemblies to online classroom sessions, I was annoyed at the amount of time I was supposed to be spending in these virtual meeting rooms listening to people repeat themselves over and over.

I just wanted to teach my son.
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January 1, 2011
by mrscrumley

Happy New Year


This photo was shot earlier this week, at the tail end of our family celebrations of the holidays. It is so full of happiness!

Since Christmas has passed and a New Year has started, it’s time to think about our family, our goals, and hope of accomplishing anything. I’m not promising anything, but I’m hoping to revive this family blog and keep it more up to date. I also hope I can keep a resolution I made last year- more video of the kiddos.

Happy New Year, hope to see you around the blog.

December 14, 2010
by mrscrumley

It actually happened :: Snow!

Saturday morning the kids and I were in the car, listening to the radio. The weather report came on and Paul said the “S” word- snow.

Fuller immediately perked up and asked about the snow mentioned in said forecast. I repeated the report, but gave the idea of snow that evening a rather dubious tone. This was to protect my child from the fallibility of all weathermen. Weathermen like to throw around fancy words like barometer, cold fronts, and Snow at this time of year, just to raise the hopes of little six year old boys who desperately think they should build snowmen.

Well, Sunday morning Fuller ran to the window only to be disappointed. The evening rain did not turn into snow as Paul had predicted.

We went to church and as we were leaving to go home and enjoy lunch, Fuller was delighted to see the white stuff swirling in the air. And I was surprised to see the white stuff keep swirling pretty much all day. We left at 4ish to go to a birthday party and it was still snowing.

By the time we got home (after driving really slowly in order to keep our heads and car in tact), there was a bit of accumulation. In fact, in our neighborhood, after a few blocks there were no more tire tracks on the street, just white covering the road. (Here is where I mention that we live in a very hilly neighborhood. If there was a chance of the roads freezing, residents have been known to park their cars at the entrances of the subdivision so they can go to work the next day. Or so I have been told.)
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December 9, 2010
by mrscrumley
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Holiday cards from (or why I need more stamps)

Today I’m going to be digging up addresses and finally finding the stamps because we have our Christmas cards in the house!

I’m not a consistent holiday card sender. In fact, I have been known to send a few Happy New Years and even Valentines Day cards. It didn’t matter that the card said “Merry Christmas” it just meant I was kind of lazy getting everything together.

The only time I have been on time with a holiday card was our first Christmas when I was young, in love, and had a very boring Saturday morning sitting at work.

This year I was approached by to check out their site, use a credit they gave me and purchase some holiday cards for our family. Since we are enjoying our new home, making it all merry and bright, I thought it would be fine to take the gift and make a holiday card.

As a hobby photographer, I was mostly interested in their photo cards. The selection was great. Almost too great, in a good way. I had a really difficult time narrowing down what design I wanted to use. I was able to create a few cards and save them to make a final decision later.

The customization on the cards is amazing. On some designs you are able to add an entire Christmas letter and several more pictures on the inside of the card. I even started a Christmas letter (I was so excited!), but then I remembered I planned on simplifying this year and went for a very cute 4.75 x4.75 square flat card with one picture.

After I shed a few tears for the lack of family pictures, I settled on a picture of the boys because, as Damon said, they are the main attraction.

Ordering was easy. I was able to have put our address on the envelope (which looks really classy, in my opinion). If I wanted to spend a little more (or had been more organized) I could have given them my mailing list and they would have sent them for me! But because I still hadn’t gathered the addressed, I had them shipped to my house. The cards arrived quickly on my doorstep. And aren’t they cute?
Coupon code at the end of the post!
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December 7, 2010
by mrscrumley

Finding fun

I know it is December. I know the winter season is technically a few days away. I know it is supposed to be getting colder.

But seriously, this cold snap really blindsided me. The temperature combined with the wind has made it a bit on the miserable side.

Yesterday I made the decision to take us out into the cold to see Damon do some work. We spent about an hour and half out in the wind and decided we needed to go. Since we were taking Damon home after work, I took the boys to a near by toy store. I needed some ideas for Christmas gifts and I figured the boys would enjoy playing a bit.

indoor sand box
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