What is MVP?

A Minimum Viable Product is a version of a new product that contains only the most necessary functional minimum to meet the needs of the target audience.

MVP helps to quickly enter the market with a new product and immediately make sure that it is in demand. Often the development of an MVP is started in order to test some hypothesis, because it is much safer to first test it with minimal costs, and only then develop a full-fledged product.

Software development for parking communities

Despite the crisis, the number of motorists in megacities is growing steadily. The same cannot be said about parking spaces, and this problem is becoming more and more acute. In order to resolve the current situation, modern technologies came to our aid, and here we speak about mobile applications for finding parking.

Some more information regarding such software can be found here.

Distinctive features of a startup

Heading towards a new product. Often, the essence of a startup is to promote innovative ideas or improve old ones. Thanks to this, startups can compete with even the most powerful corporations, which in most cases do not bother to innovate and continue to offer old products and services that have proven themselves long ago. 

The startup foundation is an interesting business idea. It’s no secret that without an innovative idea there would be no business at all. 

Startup creators are young. Many well-known successful startups are the brainchild of yesterday’s students. According to statistics, the average age of a startup creator is 25. 

As a rule, startup initiators put their heart and soul into their idea. To realize it, a person is ready to take big risks. The startup does not care that the price of victory may be too high: if he is interested in success, he will do everything possible to achieve it.