web development

Web portal development

Tasks and functions of the web portal

  • concentrate huge amounts of information in one place;
  • create your own knowledge base;
  • provide your audience with access to data;
  • receive stable income from advertising and sale of goods and services.

And what is a web portal?

  • Corporate. Integration of company information and databases. These are closed ecosystems on the Internet, with access control.
  • Educational. The sites where lessons are held, testing is conducted and all kinds of video and audio materials are posted.
  • Informational. The purpose of such sites is to obtain information. These include all major news sites and media outlets.

What is MEAN-stack?

Various technologies are used in the web development process. These include web servers, libraries, front-end frameworks, and database systems. Developers use a strategy of using a combination of such tools and technologies to speed up and improve the efficiency of the web development process.

For example, MEAN-stack. This is an acronym for MongoDB (database system), Express (back-end web environment), Angular.js (front-end framework), and Node.js (back-end runtime). These technologies were developed at different times. But today they are grouped together to form a MEAN stack, and the reason is pretty clear. JavaScript connects them. JavaScript is a dynamic programming language for developing client-side and server-side web applications.

The popularity of the .NET platform

.NET is an open-source modular framework for creating web applications for a wide range of applications. This platform allows combining several programming languages ​​within one project, including multifunctional C # – the main tool of the .NET developer.

C # is one of the most popular languages ​​on GitHub, it is one of the most powerful, fast-growing, and in-demand languages ​​in the IT industry. Both small desktop programs and large portals and services that serve millions of users every day are written in .NET and C #.