Usability testing (User Experience) in software development

Usability testing allows you to check the comfortable use of the site for a user, how easy it is to find the necessary information or perform the desired actions. There are several directions here.

  • Site navigation testing checks whether all pages, buttons and fields are clear to use, also checks the access to the main page and menus from all other pages. Navigation should be simple and intuitive.
  • Content testing checks grammatical / spelling errors. The content should be informative and structured, images and titles should be appropriately sized and placed correctly.
  • The convenience of use. Here we should check if the structure of the web application is clear, what impression it makes, and whether there are extra components on the pages.
  • UI (User Interface) testing. Compliance with standards of graphic interfaces and design elements, correctness of localized versions, testing with different resolutions, on smartphones and tablets.